Internet Investigations

Through the years, the Alpha Vestigo internet investigation services have been deployed by 100s of companies, organizations, private persons and specialized agencies. Our approach and professionalism have been proven to be very effective, time and time again.

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Companies and even nonprofit organizations consult Alpha Vestigo on a regular basis, to obtain well-researched dossiers containing the crucial data that is needed in order to make strategic decisions. Planning the successful future of your company or organization depends on having the facts and the truth on your side.


Whatever the reason may be, that puts you in need of an internet investigation, Alpha Vestigo can address that need while securing your privacy at all time. The personal lives of our clients and the potential targets have never been compromised in the entire history of our existence.


Our internet investigation services have already been relied on in countless cases where facts and truth had to be collected in the public interest. Nothing is more frustrating then when citizens are forced to accept unfair policies and laws. It is therefore that specialized agencies, concerned citizens and activists have called for our assistance, in order to get a clear picture of the actual reality.